Monday, October 22, 2012

cape maker

Speaking of capes and dreams, I saw this:

 the other day and it reminded me of this thing that I have hanging in my closet. And more of it stuffed in a box somewhere.

I have a love for capes. I can never find them the way that I want them-almost exactly like the one above. I had dreams of starting a cape business. Simple capes made from amazing vintage blankets. Now don't go stealing my idea. Oh. That has been done before? Damn it.

I had a boss who made clothes so, she asked, "Why don't you just make it?"

So, I tried. Actually, she tried. No no. It was more of a collaboration. I brought the ideas and the material: a beloved vintage blanket. A beloved, moth eaten and very stained but beautiful blanket. We talked about it and then we forgot about it. We got busy. Shit happens. Then one day, I came into work and found this:

So close to exactly everything that I wanted. I remember being bummed about how little thought seemed to have been put into where the original stains and holes were. I would have tried to hide that shit. Maybe, she did not realize that I was hoping to wear this thing and not have it just be a sample.

Then we got serious. A pattern was made. Fabric was bought-not just a vintage blanket. Real fabric. My first time at Mood alone and thinking about something I wanted to make.

The next attempt:

Reversible. Duh. Still, not right. I think the arms are too long. I'm a tall bird but even on me, my hands are hard to find under all that wool.

I should experiment with actual cape patterns instead of trying to make my own. Next time, I could maybe use this:

 Oh wait. I have to re-learn how to sew. Fuck.

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