Friday, April 29, 2011

almost there

Just a quick note for anyone who is waiting to here an outcome from the meeting.

It's a go!?! I only add the question mark because there is some other news that may be thrown into the mix. So, the plan may not go off the way I originally intended. Or it may.

In two weeks we will all know just how adarae will be brought into the world.

Gotta run to check coats. Kisses!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i'm not alone!

The first time I understood my 'eating disorder' was when I read an article in The New Yorker, five years ago. (page 7 is where it all started to make sense) It basically told me that I still had the palette of a five year old.

Above is from a fun blog. Kids say the darndest things kinda thing. Side note: I used to eat chalk.

It also confirmed a belief that my mother had. That the only things my diet consisted of were the only things she could keep down when she was pregnant with me.

I'm still trying to figure out why everything had to be is possible it is some kind of obsessive compulsive thing that started at the age of one. Someone once pointed out it may have been me trying to take some kind of control after we moved across the country and back in a year's time.

Look here! Now there is confirmation that this eating disorder does not need to be in quotes anymore. It is real. I am an adult selective eater with supertasters!

Perfectly put, an adult selective eater's:

Food preferences tend to be bland, white or pale colored - plain pasta or cheese pizza are said to be common foods along with French fries and chicken fingers. Some picky eaters stick to foods with a common texture or taste.

The texture part it so true! I love french fries and potato chips but no way to mash potatoes or baked potato.

I can even relate to the social isolation. I once went on an interview where we met at a small place that I thought was just a bar. No! There was food there. She wanted to have some and wanted to know what I wanted. No! I remember looking at the very small menu and wondering, 'Do I tell her? Do I pretend I'm not hungry? Do I just order the cheese plate?'

I decided to fess up and of course it turned into a huge conversation where the whole restaurant staff was involved. A bunch of the usual reactions and questions. Really? That's it? How are you still skinny? That's all carbs. That was okay with your parents? I have answered these same questions so many times in my life, I can understand how someone with the same problem (and I now know they are out there!) would want to hide in a dark room.

Also, my first year of college, I contested to the dean that I shouldn't have to pay $8000 a year on board. I had an eating disorder. I wouldn't eat it and therefore it was unfair and a huge waste of money. He thought it was a social anxiety problem. If I spent $8000 I would feel obligated to go to the cafeteria and get food. That the peer pressure of wanting to be liked would make me eat. Obviously he didn't know that I never cared about people liking me. Until ely james came along.

He has introduced greens in to my life! It is a slow and steady battle that he is constantly trying to add new foods to my diet. I have discovered a love for green beans and garlic. Hot sauce and margaritas. Yes, I am considering a margarita as a food.

In the end, all I want is this:

All the time. Never tire of it. Yum. I have been eating mac and cheese, and pretty much only mac and cheese for almost 30 years. Above is the best on the planet. A restaurant, called Alias in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, has this as a $7 side. Amazing.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have not been much inspired recently. I think because I have no idea what is going on.

At this point, I am kinda annoyed that this is all taking so long. Apparently, it is just because of scheduling issues. I do feel that if a seemless takeover is what is desired, then something's gotta give.

 I am sitting on the bed with ely james and coda in our studio apartment questioning all this stuff we have. Will we be moving it in 2 months? Where will it all go? Do we need any of this crap?

It is time for the small/cool apartment thing on apartment therapy. So, there is that. Inspiration. My quick favorite (cause I don't actually want to take the time to look at them all):

Do these people own any stuff? I mean really. Where is it. I don't even see any possible hiding places. It makes me think I have a problem. Not this kind of problem:

But a problem.

There is a meeting set up for Friday. Maybe Monday. I have no idea if that is when the official decision is made or just a talk. Will try to keep you family members posted with more posts!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

free man

My identity will be half out of the bag after this post.

I have been researching American made things recently. So I thought I would put up an American picture to, you know, create a theme. I googled "American pride" and this muzzle came up near the top. Weird. That people who train their dogs to be aggressive have more American pride than those of us who don't? Whatever. Don't want to get all politickin'.

Back to American made things...even though I have yet to hear from the co-op board, I still spend most of my days dreaming about what our little home store would carry. A blog, I continuously read, has a list! A super awesome list. Geared mostly towards men stuff but hey, that's ok. I like men's stuff. Almost more than I like women's stuff.

I came across this on the list:

My surname is Freeman. That being said, I heart this brand! They make bikes. In Montana. Amazing.

ely james is, on occasion, an avid cyclist. We have been discussing, for years, that I need a bike. I'm annoyingly particular about the whole thing. I don't ever want to look like this:

Or like any of these. I want to look more like this (minus the rainbow thing going on):

The blog that the photo above came from, turned out to be an interesting find. I know ely james will like it. (click on the word 'it' ej!) Back to me. Freeman. I've decided, that if we make it big, we'll get me this:

Because up close, it has this:

A personalized bike just for me!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

is adarae official?

It really didn't take long at all but it was not simple. Woke up early. Took the train to Dekalb. Walked through the Fulton Street Mall-past a lot of construction. Normally being white, almost six feet tall, and wearing all black doesn't stick out that much. Found the big building on Adams Street. Security check. Took off studded belt. Beep! Took off jacket. Revealed the Hooters tank top that I had slept in. Put on belt. Followed the signs to room 189. Walked into a room that was an open layout of cubicles and a row of windows numbered 1-12. After walking back and forth for a minute, realized that information was at window #1, all the way in the back of the room. Woman helping another woman asked, "What do you need, honey?" I would like to start a sole proprietorship. "Window 2." Woman at window 2# on the phone-not so nice. "What do you want?" I would like to start a sole proprietorship. "How many owners?" "Do you have the paperwork?" Yes. It's not notarized. "Notary is across the street. 26 Court Street." But we're on Adams Street. Blank stare. Go outside. Walk around the building, where I assumed and sort of knew Court Street had to be. Locate 26. Go in and looked around. There was a newsstand, elevators and a man with 26 Court Street on his jacket. I said to him, I was told I can get something notarized here. "Right there at the newsstand." Really? That's amazing-as I turn around to examine this newsstand, "You're welcome." Oh yes, thank you security guard that must answer this question to confused people all day long. Waited for the newsstand man to finish notarizing papers for the woman in front of me and then handed him my paperwork. He asked for my ID. I signed and then he signed and stamped. I gave him $6 and I'm back out on the street. Security check. Different security guard. Took off belt. Beep! Took off jacket. Revealed Hooters tank top. "What electronics do you have?" Excuse me? "There are two pieces of electronics in your purse. What are they?" Oh, an ipod and my phone. "That's it?" Uh, that's two. Put on belt. Back to window #2. Write, write. Stamp. "That's $120. Go to the cashier." Is one of those copies mine? "After it's certified. Go to the cashier." What the hell does that mean? Totally feel like a cow. Nothing is explained and I am just following blindly. The cashier box has 3 women inside, obviously working, but not paying any attention to the 3 people in line. Have one of those awkward line conversations with an overly chatty Hasidic Jewish man. He was comparing the process to trying to come to this country. He makes a crack about lawyers and then says, "I hope you're not a lawyer!" Thank you for not judging me by my Hooters tank top Hasidic Jewish man. Although, the tank top was probably why he was talking to me at all and yes, I just judged you Hasidic Jewish man. Pay $120 cash. The woman hands me back my forms and says, "Window 6." I get in another line. For what, I don't know. When she says, "Next," I hand her my forms and I watch her look at them, stamp them, and then puts one in a box. Puts a sticker on two of them. Stamps them with the date and hands them back to me. Is that is? Do I have a business? I really don't fucking know. All this before ely james even woke up!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

i'm not the only one

I have a pretty good ear. ely james is always telling me so. A talent that I enjoy having is being able to figure out what something sounds like. Example: I may be watching a movie and hear something that will make me say, "This movie's soundtrack was composed by Silvestri." I'll then look up whatever dumb dumb 80s flick I was watching and it will indeed have been composed by Silvestri! He's the easiest because of Back to the Future. Who has not seen that movie a million times?

While at work yesterday, the store ipod came across this:

I then had a strange urge to listen to the Black Keys. So, I turned on my laptop and I played the fabulous Brothers album and thought nothing of it. Until today. I put the store ipod back on and it was on the same T. Rex song. Again, I wanted to listen to the Black Keys. My clever ear had figured out, all on it's own, that the above song sounds a lot like this one:

Then I found a fan site that went on and on about it. I find fans freaky. Anyway, one of them also pointed out that this song:

Sounds a lot like this one:

Nothing is new anymore anyway. It doesn't make me think any less of the Black Keys. They have damn good taste!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's national

grilled cheese from Black Iron Burger Shop

That's right. Grilled Cheese month. I got an email from my step mother informing me it is so. If anyone really knows adarae, they know cheese and bread are her life supply.

The frustrating thing is that a good one is really hard to find. Or ridiculously expensive. I'm not spending $12 on bread and cheese. I don't give a rat's ass about what hog sniffed the damn truffle out of where .

So I thought I'd share my top 3 spots to get 'em.

*Black Iron Burger Shop- E 5th Street between A and B, NYC

ely james and I spent an entire winter in there. Sometimes twice a week. He was unemployed, depressed and we started a relationship with the bartender. He was great and knew how to get his customers to come back. Just charge them for 2 beers no matter how many they drank!! Awesome it was.

grilled spinach thing from Circle Diner

* Circle Diner- Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Everytime I am in the hometown area, I go. Never had this spinach number pictured above, but I may have to next time! Their fries are also super amazing. Thank you ronald s., whoever you are, for bringing this to my attention via yelp.

* Home- Brooklyn, NY

Duh. I make em good. Except the other night. ely james played at the Cameo Gallery in Willyburg.

He was on fire! When he was done, we were standing at the bar having our farewell beer and I was overwhelmed with hunger.

No wonder, when you are completely surrounded with plates of these:

Everyone in the place had a plate of greasy, crispy looking tater tots. Then, I turned around and this man (wearing a suit actually-wanted to point that out cause it was weird but, then I thought he must be from one of the new waterfront fancy schmancy buildings), had the most mouth watering looking grilled cheese. 

Just look at this menu. Yum. Since ely james and I were slumming it-we decided to make food at home. I wanted a grilled cheese and I wanted one bad. Then I opened the fridge to find rye bread. WTF. Eww. I hate rye bread. I actually just hate the stupid seeds they throw in there. What are they? Caraway or something awful.

So, on that night, I made one of the most unsatisfying grilled cheeses of my life. The end.

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's Friday? That's amazing. It is almost the weekend! Sadly, this does not matter in the world of adarae. There is no such thing as weekend here. If I had a weekend to spare, I would want to go here (not this weekend though. The weather kinda sucks right now):

photo by Tom White for the New York Times
It's Beacon, New York. My dream, of when my NYC adventures come to an end, would be to move to a town like this. Here are a couple pieces I found about the place.

Hopefully, the adarae empire would move with me. A place close to the city but far enough away to slow down. Now I just need to get the adarae empire going.

My 'lawyer' flaked on me about five times. Yes, he is an actual lawyer so, I totally understand the man is busy. Still, I am annoyed. If I had known that he would never really come through, I would have figured it out myself and long ago.

I'm just trying to get the sole proprietorship going. It is not that complicated. To be honest, I was probably being a little lazy. So today, I spent a massive amount of time trying to figure out how to fill out NY's assumed name certificate. It seems based on ancient language that doesn't make much sense anymore. This guy totally helped me out. Love online forums! No, actually I don't. They are usually very difficult to navigate and full of dumb people.

Everything is printed out and ready to get notarized. On Monday, I must find time to go to the county clerk's office, which is right across the street from the Marriott that ely jame's parents stayed at when they were in town! Always good to know where you're going. The part that I will find harrowing is the navigation of the building itself. Just do not be afraid to ask!