Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i've never lost a tooth opening a beer bottle

We had wine glasses, at some point. We had bought them at a Goodwill in fancy town Connecticut for $2. Real crystal. Those yuppies give away the coolest stuff. Of course, we broke them.

So, today I have been looking for wine glasses. Not that I am going to buy them! I can just go back to fancy town and find some cheapies. I'm just killing time really. Looking for some fun stuff. Like this:

Now we just have a hodge podge of glasses at Chez Adarae. We will drink out of anything. I remember when we broke our french press, we ended up pouring water into a ball jar and filtering out the grinds with panty hose. Worked pretty good, actually. Had to give in a buy a replacement glass for the press because we ran out of panty hose! Speaking of ball jars. Look at these:

I must be some redneck because I think these are amazing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

children reproducing?

My mother is crazy. For reals. Just a heads up for this story.

So, my nephew just had his 4th birthday. My mother called me a couple weeks before and wanted me to order his present. She has no computer. No internet. No tv. Well, she has a tv-that she watches movies on from her collection of over 500. Anyway...she wanted me to order this:

What the heck does a 4 year old need with an ipad station, mom? "Because he hasn't had children yet!" she exclaimed. WTF?! Think about it for a second and I will distract you with a couple cute pictures of said nephew:

Why don't I like any pictures of him looking happy?! I don't know. He just looks cuter this way. To me.

Back to my mom and her being concerned with my 4 year old nephew not having children yet. Of course, there is a perfectly logical explanation. He uses an ipad. For angry birds or whatever. He holds it on his lap. Where his reproductive stuff is. Right? Duh. Who knows what all these new gadgets are emitting? So now, he has a bamboo station for his ipad-so that he may procreate. Eventually. Hopefully.

We should all start thinking about these things. Just sayin'.
Up next will be a story about mom's concern for brain cancer...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a top post

It's weird to me what key words from a post someone will "google" and then stumble upon my rants. Isabel Marant. Is one. Those sneakers. Those totally amazing sneakers that I have wanted for almost a year. I wrote about them in October.

The above are on ebay as of this morning, $540 with 2 days left...hmm.

Dakota Fanning came into my store wearing them. Actually, the only reason I looked up at her face was because I was thinking to myself, "What ballin' bitch is, in my store right now, wearing my dream shoes?!" Oh. Dakota Fanning. Of course.

While perusing my Elle magazine, I saw these:

A $95 alternative? Upon further research, I then found these knockoffs:

Also $95 (update: now $89?!) but damn it...they are only made up to size 8!!! Well, here you go small feet people who have been coveting these as much as me. Lucky ducks.