Wednesday, December 11, 2013

friends in high places

I woke up today and decided I had to do it. I had to take advantage of the people I know.

So, I made this:

I am not a designer so I do not have fancy programs for creating banners and things. I have an old dell, internet access and google; which directed me to a program called gimp. It was free. I ignored my conspiracy driven thoughts of what evil corrupted files I was putting into my computer and downloaded it. I have tape over my webcam so the 'people' of gimp can only spy via audio. No visual for you, gimp!

I am no genius but I figured out how to use it pretty quickly.

Then I sent an email to dear dear ohmyrockness and this happened:

It was that easy and that simple.

Why am I such a lazy ass? I'm sure I will get an email from gimp or someone a party to gimp with an answer. You're so creepy gimp. So creepy.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

replace face

I will have a hallway of these someday:

I found them through the blog doorsixteen. I have been reading her blog for so many years that I cannot recall how I ever came across it. She just put out some 'products' on a website called society6. I have products in quotes because they are her designs on products that the site offers. While perusing around I discovered replaceface.

Then there are these:

These would look kinda awesome on our turquoise couch. I'd have to make sure that Ely James did not fall asleep and drool on them.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

check it

I have a small list of websites that I keep an eye on. Fashion, design or just plain shopping. One of my favorites is Wintercheck Factory. I don't check it that often because it does not change much. They offer just a few things but, they are awesome. Well, the clothes I could live without. It is the super functional accessories that really get me. Like a scarf with a zipped pocket in it for your cell phone (or a screwdriver?).

I was reminded to check back with Wintercheck because of NY Mag's gift issue. In the top right of page 78 was this:

Ahhh!! This was made for my home. But then there is this:

I could not tell you which one I like more. I LOVE them BOTH. I have a lot of orange in my life and a lot of camo; influence from an old best friend, who also taught me it was gauche to walk and smoke at the same time.

According to Wintercheck Factory:

Each available style is created from a small fabric stockpile. Sometimes less than 20 yards exist, which means quantities of the Deadquilt are very limited (2-18 quilts per print).

Ahhh! I am so tempted to forgo wine for a month just to have one.

I'm serious.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a spade is a spade

My upbringing was in an upper middle class town in Connecticut. I will admit it. This town has gone through  a huge transformation since the 70's, where a bunch of artistic hippies grew into conservative label whores. Money does that to people. Not sure why. Look at the history of Richard Hayne of Urban Outfitters. He went from building houses in Alaska, teaching the natives English, to donating a shit ton of money to Santorum. Hippies get tired of being hippies and want to make money at something, I guess-so technically they were never really hippies...

Anyway, label whores. I was in high school when Kate Spade designed her first line of handbags. Everyone had one. The girls that couldn't afford them went to Canal Street to buy fake ones. This desperate need to fit in saddened me. So, being the little deviant devil that I was, I completely ignored this company (and let's be honest, anyone that wore it). I never looked into who they were or what they were about because I thought I knew.

Then I heard whispers of them selling. I thought even worse things. Many designers have sold their souls. This is nothing new but it sort of played into what I thought of Kate Spade and co. in the first place. Complete sell outs. If you're tired of what you do, how can you sell your name, let someone else use it for profit and just walk away? I mean 59 million dollars would make it easier, for sure.

Next, I had read that Andy (who is David Spade's brother, btw) opened a design firm/storefront. I looked at the site and became utterly confused. It was cool. How was this possible?

Then, when I saw a feature of their home on The Selby, I started to wonder. Who the fuck were these people? Really?

Turns out, they're just people. Pretty smart people, actually. This interview here and here says quite a bit. I'm still not impressed that they sold out. They're no Calvin Klein, you know what I'm saying?

Even though they have nothing to do with the company whatsoever anymore, I actually went to for the first time ever and saw things that I liked. I won't buy them but, they're ok.


Friday, August 2, 2013

i'm a child of...

the 80s. That is for sure. But, my formative years were in the god damn 90s.

At prom. In the 90s.

I was wearing underwear. Just so you know. I wasn't going to and the mother of my most promiscuous friend made me. Ridiculous. My inspiration? Elizabeth Hurley, of course!

So, yeah. I have updated my etsy store. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

off season

I love to shop off season. Which is never relevant to showcase. Unless there are a lot of Australians reading this. Then my off season is your on season.

Anyways. I found and bought these today.

They were mega on sale, as things are in the off season. Why buy boots that are going to sit in a closet for months? I'm nuts. That's why. Plus, Ely James gave me 'permission.' I never feel guilty about spending my money. I earned it but when Ely James looked over my shoulder and said, "Those are hot. You should get those." Then click! They were bought.

While planning this post, I found out this:

They're 'junk' apparently. Hmm. Too late now. 

My second choice were these:

There's still time. The off season does not end tomorrow!

Monday, May 6, 2013

more zombies

My love has been at this music thing for quite some time but says he is tired of being thought of as the dumb drummer. I don't know that he is actually thought of in this way, he just thinks that people do. I believe that people just think he's short a few marbles. All drummers are, right? I've always said that it's unnatural to be able to do that many things all at once.

It really comes down to a society being raised with Animal, the drummer, on our screens and in our hearts. He's crazy and not too bright but, a damn great drummer!

I think it's hard for people to realize that Ely James has the ability to do more than just hit things with sticks. It's hard for even him to realize it.

He needs to realize it. For reals. Cause this... awesome!!

After this song came out, I googled 'Zombie Elevator.' Apparently, there are some Brazilians that are famous for pranking people in the elevator with zombies!

A whole other kind of awesome. It's even better with the ghost girl in the elevator.

Ahhhhhh!! Indeed.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

news flash

This exists. Just thought you should know.

A singing toothbrush. Why oh why do other's not jump on this amazing branding opportunity?

Oh. They have?

Laughing my fucking ass off, indeed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

am i crazy....

or would this look really amazing painted some ridiculous color?

$50 on craigslist. Too bad it's in some weird part of PA that is 2 hours away by car.

But seriously. What color?

I've always dreamed of having a vanity. Odd, I know, since I barely look in a mirror. Maybe because I was raised by a woman who taught me to only wear roses on my cheeks and a little mascara, I am fascinated by the process of grooming. Or maybe it's because when a woman chooses to groom, there are so many little bits and bottles to the process that she would really fucking love a beautiful piece of furniture that she can sit at and have it all at her fingertips. She being me. Of course.

My Aunt Rachie has one kinda like this in her basement:

How about a crazy color painted vanity? Ok.

Or more modern.

Le sigh.