Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is about the wine. Not the whiskey. That's for another day. This day, or every Wednesday, I am back in Williamsburg. At the same store that I worked at for over two years. Now it is a different store. But it is not the store that I wanted it to be. It is not mine. Do not get me wrong. It is an amazing store. I enjoy my job and am tickled pint to have it but I get a little sad. Every Wednesday.

The window washer came in today. An amazing man that brings a smile to my face every time he comes. He was so glad to see me there. Again. In the same space. But different. He asked me if I believed in luck. I told him that it depends. On the situation. He said that he always believed that he made his own luck. Until recently. He was so happy that I recommended him to the new operator of the store. He has a job. I have a job. We are lucky.

I don't feel very lucky. Just on Wednesdays. Or as ely james calls it, Winesdays because every Wednesday I get wine. A whole big box o' wine.

Honestly, I'm just letting the world know that this exists. I know I know. Boxed wine has always been looked down upon. I don't give a shit. This stuff is cheap and pretty decent. $20 for 3L, aka 4 bottles of wine. My favorite is the malbec. Get some.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Last week, while walking the sweet baby, I felt it. The promise of fall. Which really pisses me off. Cause I know there are going to be some unbearable days before it's really here. There is always a week of teasers. Where you are unprepared. So, you dig out sweaters. And scarves. And those weird snoods. Excited for the possibilities. gets fucking hot and humid again.

I'm not a fan of summer. I was happy to be unemployed during it so that I didn't have to think about what to wear. Fall, I get and it gets me. So, I am dreaming of the things that I would buy-if I made a real salary. Today it is about the loop scarves. Or 'snoods.' Or whatever.

Who came up with this term, snood? I always thought it had something to do with a hood and a scarf but where does the fucking 'n' come from? Shouldn't it be a scood? For reals. How did this:

Turn to this:

Maybe it's a British thing. Asos is one of my favorite shopping sites. Although, I do not actually shop from it. I don't actually shop from anywhere. A girl can dream. Damn it.

I'm not a huge fan of supporting such big corporations. I really do get torn about it though, in the global sense of it all. I prefer to support local but we all live on planet earth. If boycotts are made of these places like Asos, H & M, Topshop and the like...what happens to the cultures that they support through the production of their goods? Then again, there are enough of us on the planet that do support these cheapie places so, I don't really need to be another one. Right?

It is so much more interesting to shop from an actual person. From the producer. The maker. Here are some pretty cool makers:

The one on the bottom is mine. What? I'm cool. I swear.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

fleeting time

So it seems that I don't have time. To do anything. Retail is some tough hours. I leave the house at 10:30am, most days, and return by 9:30pm. By the time I relax, eat and go over the day with ely james it is past midnight.

I refuse to wake up crazy early just to clean my bathroom, you know? I wake up at 8am as it is to enjoy my 8 hours of sleep and my morning routine. Then when my day off comes, I'm too tired to do chores. ely james has been getting better at helping. Thank goodness.

I'm complaining. Poo. It might be time to get a watch. To help. A watch would help me. Really. I have been seeing a lot of these:

But I'm already over that. I'm into digital. Cause I'm lazy and need my information asap. I'm so lazy I have a box of watches. Dead watches. I would like to replace my Phillip Starck watch. Maybe with another one:

Or any one of these would do:

My point is, that I wish I could be more regular at keeping track of it all. Which is what this blog is supposed to be. For me anyway. I don't give a fuck what it is for you. If there is even a you. Oh shit. Did I just offend you? I hope I didn't just offend you. Man. The thought of that girl still annoys me.

Anyway, I am happy to be working-for sure. I just need to find time to work on my endeavors. That being said. Sundays seem to be my day. For getting my thoughts and inspirations down since I am busy during the week with boring life stuff.

The time I enjoy the most during the week and off:

Which reminds me. It is time to go O. U. T.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

blinging memory

A dude came in to the store, where I now work, because he was told that he could purchase a gold chain. You see, he bought his girlfriend one of these:

An 18k USB drive. According to these suckers have "become the hallmark of style and quality in USB drives. Prized for its beautiful design and incredibly small size, the Pico-C is also water resistant and fast, supporting up to 200X (30MB/sec) data transfer speeds." It's also 119 bucks.

But back to the dude. He wanted a chain. Well, another chain. He had already gone to Crap Charm and bought some flimsy 24" chain and he said, that on his walk home, he decided that wasn't good enough. So, he came to us. When he found out a 14k chain would cost him $160 he started to change his mind. Why not just buy one of our necklaces that comes on a chain? Cause that would cost you $300, dude.

Then he saw that we had this for sale:

He freaked out. He told this disgustingly sweet story about how he has known his girlfriend for a long time and never had the guts to ask her out. Now, that they are finally together, he calls her his unicorn. He also said that he had never told anyone, but her, the unicorn story. Apologies that I am now putting it out there without permission.

When asked about the significance of the USB drive, he said that she loves music. So, he bought her tickets to see 6 bands. He then bought the latest album for each band and that is what he is putting on the drive. Good job dude. Awesome gifting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

apply these

Ok. So. Earthquakes, hurricanes, new jobs, and terror threats aside. This is what every kitchen needs:

Pink may not be your thing...there is also yellow. White. Black. Red. Plus, if you live in Japan, you could get my favorite-orange! I happen to not live in Japan. Or do I even need a toaster. Or a coffee maker. Or a kettle. I have a nice mish-mash of appliances, thank you.

One thing that recently broke, that I cannot replace, is my orange half pint microwave. I am truly heart broken over the loss. Just in case you don't know what I am talking about:

Why, oh why, did Sharp stop making these little wonders? When a google search is done, a black one can be purchased. For $160. Ridiculous? Yes. But only because it is kinda butt in black. If it were the orange, I would totally fork over that kind of money for a replacement.

The blue is a color I could live with. My fiesta is blue. My toaster is blue. This color is only $76 and available here. But what the hell is Goods4Salz?! Would you buy something online from a company that can't spell? I am not risking it. I would totally accept as a gift...just sayin'.