Wednesday, March 21, 2012

how things happen

We still have #2.

I think I have mentioned that she does not get along with Sweet Baby. No? Like, for reals. They were fine for a few weeks. They would play fight but they really were trying to find out who the alpha was. Sweet Baby put up with it for awhile but then he said, "f' you, little one."

Blood everywhere. Teeth. Growls. Nightmare in real time. So, we keep them seperate as much as possible. She spends a lot of time in the hallway or in her crate:( I wish it could be another way but never again do I want to witness what we witnessed from these pups.

It was really surprising from Sweet Baby, especially. We have had him for over 3 years and never saw anger at all. I guess we spoiled him though. He was our everything. Our baby. Then this little golden fuzz ball comes along and he has to share the pets? Hell no!

Devil pups. Indeed. It has been over 2 months since the incident. Sweet Baby still looks at us funny when we pay attention to #2 but he just needs to get used to it. Ely James and I have to be super aware when they are in the room together. No big deal.

She is up for adoption, btw. How am I doing at selling her? I don't want her to be perceived as a bad dog. She surely is not. At all. She is just a little pushy and wants to be #1. No one knows what she has been through. She gave birth to puppies and then never saw them again. Can you imagine that? The police found her roaming the streets of NYC and dumped her with the ACC, where she spent a month in the depths of what must be puppy hell.

I would hate to see her go but that's what fostering is all about, right? She needs to find the home where she can shine-on her own. No other furries to contend with. Or kids for that matter.  Why do people with little kids adopt rescue dogs anyway? Regardless of what kind of dog it is, seems risky, if you ask me. Oh, you didn't ask me? You wanna ask how cute she is? Ok.

F' you little one, as Sweet Baby would say, you are too cute.

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