Wednesday, March 14, 2012

silent emissions

post or two back, I promised another story about my crazy mother. I started to write it. I did. It just wasn't very entertaining.
It went along the lines of this:

Above is my awesome rotary phone from the 70s that my mother gave me. You know, in case I loose power-it will still work. If I had a landline, this would be a great thing to have. This is from the woman who gave me a Y2K survival kit. It had a hand crank radio/flashlight, a camouflage bandanna and a safety orange bandanna. She said, you'll never know if you'll need to blend in and hide or stand out and be found! Amazing.

Her new fear, besides her 4 year old grandson not being able to have children due to unknown emissions to modern technology, is brain cancer. Sort of along the same lines. Cell phones and their silent emissions. My 4 yr old uses a cell phone. Which is actually a little bit her fault. She's the one who doesn't have a computer. So, she can't skype the way my nephew does with everyone else. They talk on the phone. My sister doesn't have a landline either. You betcha she has an old rotary phone and a Y2K survival kit as well.

The next thing I ordered for my mother, to give her grandson, was this:

A pop phone by Native Union. My sister called me once after receiving this gift. She left a message. It was really loud and I actually couldn't understand her at all. Hmm. I was listening from my crappy cell phone though. Maybe if I had one too it would sound better? 

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