Monday, April 1, 2013

orange peanut, for me?

While I was updating my etsy page today, this popped up when I first got to the sight:

Oh yeah. It's Easter. Bunnies, Jesus and zombies.

The maker of this totally adorable coat, makes this one too:

Ahh!!! There is a tail. I love it. I miss the ease of being a kid. When you can walk around with a tail on your coat and it's cute.

This... not cute.

Although, I'm sure Jesus would have thought so. He had an eye for the ladies, I think. I think he was just a man. Maybe even a shiesty man. Like this perhaps:

Should I go so far as to say a con man? I might go to hell for that, right? Whatever. I think he had good intentions. But come on. He totally took that same shit that Juliet took. The stuff that makes you seem dead. Like he was avoiding some serious loan sharks, you know what I'm saying? Then he 'wakes' up. A miracle!! Pretty clever, that Jesus.

And if he really did die and came back then he was just a freakin' zombie.

Totally unrelated, but reminds me of my nephews, who I'm sure totally enjoyed their Zombie Jesus Day:

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