Wednesday, November 27, 2013

check it

I have a small list of websites that I keep an eye on. Fashion, design or just plain shopping. One of my favorites is Wintercheck Factory. I don't check it that often because it does not change much. They offer just a few things but, they are awesome. Well, the clothes I could live without. It is the super functional accessories that really get me. Like a scarf with a zipped pocket in it for your cell phone (or a screwdriver?).

I was reminded to check back with Wintercheck because of NY Mag's gift issue. In the top right of page 78 was this:

Ahhh!! This was made for my home. But then there is this:

I could not tell you which one I like more. I LOVE them BOTH. I have a lot of orange in my life and a lot of camo; influence from an old best friend, who also taught me it was gauche to walk and smoke at the same time.

According to Wintercheck Factory:

Each available style is created from a small fabric stockpile. Sometimes less than 20 yards exist, which means quantities of the Deadquilt are very limited (2-18 quilts per print).

Ahhh! I am so tempted to forgo wine for a month just to have one.

I'm serious.

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