Wednesday, December 11, 2013

friends in high places

I woke up today and decided I had to do it. I had to take advantage of the people I know.

So, I made this:

I am not a designer so I do not have fancy programs for creating banners and things. I have an old dell, internet access and google; which directed me to a program called gimp. It was free. I ignored my conspiracy driven thoughts of what evil corrupted files I was putting into my computer and downloaded it. I have tape over my webcam so the 'people' of gimp can only spy via audio. No visual for you, gimp!

I am no genius but I figured out how to use it pretty quickly.

Then I sent an email to dear dear ohmyrockness and this happened:

It was that easy and that simple.

Why am I such a lazy ass? I'm sure I will get an email from gimp or someone a party to gimp with an answer. You're so creepy gimp. So creepy.

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