Saturday, May 14, 2011

drunken transport

I usually only take a cab when I'm desperate. Desperate to get home! It's usually late and I've usually had some beer. And tequila. But only if we're in summer mode. Otherwise it would be whiskey. For winter mode. Duh.

It's always too late to be the Cash Cab:( Plus, I don't think Ben Bailey goes to Brooklyn, anyway. He's like a real cabbie that way! The trick is to get in the cab before you tell them where you are going. I had a guy pull over and tell me he would NOT go to Brooklyn. I just got out and got the next one. I know it's a pain to go to Brooklyn. I know it's hard or near impossible to get a fare back at the hour I am taking it. I also know that I tip well. So, screw you cabbie man.

Yes, I've had my fair share of frustrating cab rides. I am very specific about how to get home. I know which way is cheapest and I can't stand for cabbies that think they can pull the wool over my eyes just because they're used to dealing with drunken idiots. A drunken idiot is still an idiot. A drunken adarae doesn't take crap.

I once got in a cab and gave him my list of how to get home and he yelled, "How do you know to go this way?! Only people who live there know to go this way!." Yeah, I live there. "But how did you come to KNOW to go this way?!" I google mapped it. There is the quick way which is $22 without tip. Then there is this way which is $18 without tip. I tip $5. You can go the quick way but I'm only handing you $23 when I get out so you decide which way you want to go. He went the fast, time over tip? I don't understand these guys at all.

Now, I am seeing cabbies in a different way after discovering the most amazing cabbie blog! Who knew these existed?! I just wasted an hour going through this guys flikr. Amazing NYC car finds, commentaries about fake cabs and just plain great photos.

That blog led me to this blog. Obviously a writer-by-day and cabbie-by-night kinda thing. Just spent the next hour reading his stories. Love it! Drama! Wit! Insight! Awesome. I am keeping my eyes open for you Eugene Salomon.

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