Friday, May 6, 2011

just plain rude

There are a whole bunch of posts that I have started, then got distracted and never finished. This post just had this link in it.

I find that it is hard to expand on a thought without imagery. I don't always want to use the images that a specific story came with though.

Like the link above, came with this image:

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Totes boring. It helped me remember why I never finished the post though. I had wanted to look for this video:

When I first saw this series of blackberry commercials, it really spoke to me about where our technology addicted society is headed. Then the NYT article, that I linked above, agreed. Although I don't think that they sighted the commercial and it may have helped them get the point across.

The reason I started to write the post was because I was up in Rhode Island, visiting a dear friend, and told him about this article. I honestly can't remember why I told him about it. Something must have sparked it. We were at a Wendy's. The weather channel was on the huge flat screen TV. He commented on how if the 'hail' was bigger than a baseball then it should be called something else. The world is ending. Blah blah blah.

Maybe 5 minutes after I told him about this article he was rambling about something or other and I realized that I was texting. While he was talking. Right after I mentioned how awful that was. That we can't connect to the people right in front of us because we're busy dealing with the masses that aren't.

In my defense, it was my birthday. I don't care about such things really, but apparently there were people out there that were texting me and I found it necessary to answer them rather than listen to the friend I chose to spend the day with. Fucked up.

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