Thursday, July 28, 2011

brace yourselves

I have been on six interviews this month. I am definitely starting to rethink my theory of being myself. I don't think it's marketable when I say, "I am not capable of kissing ass," in an interview. Someone, somewhere will understand my crazy genius. Someday.

Until then I am using my hands.

Yes I know. You made one of these when you were a kid. One.

I am not saying this is a difficult craft or that I should be commended for making 30 of these suckers. I just hate it when I imagine the tone you just said that to yourself with. "Oh, I've made one of those," as if it belittles my effort in making a piece of jewelry that I think looks rather nice. I only had one customer, at the store I used to sell these at, who actually commented on the annoyance of hand beading that many safety pins. Thank goodness she bought one or I would have had to accidentally trip her as she was leaving the store.

Anyway. The bracelets pictured will be available on my etsy. Many more will be up and for sale once I get batteries for my camera and start up a flikr account.

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