Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what grace have i

One of my favorite movies:

Since seeing it for the first time, the tie neck blouse is forever connected to the character of Lee. It's truly amazing when a costume designer can totally create a person with wardrobe:

I have an imdb habit whenever I watch or think about a movie. I love reading the trivia section. For Secretary there was an interesting story about this song:

Awful video but the story goes, according to imdb:

the original lyric is "What a fool am I, to fall so in love," but the director did not want to imply that Lee was being foolish, and asked if it could be altered. Because she wanted the song to be in the movie, Lizzie West re-recorded the line as "What grace have I, to fall so in love."

Anyway, this is really about the blouses.

Well, foundbyadarae found one and it's for sale:

If I was a secretary, I would totally rock this. With the leather of course. Duh.

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