Monday, November 7, 2011

if only...

...there was an extra $800 laying around. Then it could get this:

Amazing, isnt it? You just stick your iphone in there and it naturally amplifies. No wires. I mean, I don't have an iphone, nor do I want one but, it's cool that this exists. I found this beautiful piece at one of my favorite etsy shops. Indian vs. Indian **UPDATE Etsy shop closed. Now Indian vs. Indian can be found here.

I have been meaning to get these for my sister (my real one, not my evil twin):

But, she has kids. 2 of them. And they're boys. These awesome pillows wouldn't last. Maybe I should just get them for myself and then save them until the boys are less careless with their food and such.

Also, while I am dreaming. If I had a deck, I would get one of these:

I am picturing trees, a lake, coffee, a crinkly newspaper, raspberries, Ely James and the Sweet Baby. It could happen...

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