Thursday, November 10, 2011

just shut up and play

Late night train rides, or early morning actually, are tough. Last night was no exception.

About once a month, Ely James and I have a ScoutMob date. It's a nice way to save $20 on a restaurant you may or may not have been to before. That $20 is always used, for us anyway, on margaritas. We are constantly on the search for the best. Not only the best drink but also good food to go with it. Last night we rediscovered a place that has both.

The Two Door Tavern in Williamsburg. We don't usually like to hang out in Williamsburg. It is always just a shit show but we had been to this spot before, when it first opened over the summer, and knew the margaritas were made with fresh limes.

You might think that I would have gotten that mac and cheese. But no, I have already had it! It's as good as it looks but I decided to, gasp, try something new. I had the tuscan grilled cheese: fresh mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, plum tomatoes, sundried tomato aioli & arugula.
Served on sliced Italian bread
. Yum. The prosciutto I got on the side so Ely James could have it with his huge burger. An amazing meal and 4 margaritas for under $60 with tip.

The only weird part was that there was a dude and his guitar. He played all the hits from when he grew up. Too bad he was a product of the 90s. Margaritas and Breakfast at Tiffany's just does not feel right. In Williamsburg. I mean seriously. You couldn't whip out a version of The Funeral? Come on. Know your audience, guitar dude.

We then went to meet some of my co-workers for a gathering. We sat outside at the picnic tables of the Woods. Talked about the girls that weren't there due to sleep and bed bugs. We answered five questions you will be asked to get a job with a new software company. It's all about binary code, aliens, and situational problem solving. You don't know if the aliens are hostile, ok? Programmers are such dorks.

Three beers later and it was after one in the morning! How does that happen?! We walked to the J train, which we just missed. That is the moment you hate NY. It's now 2am and you know that you have 20-30 minutes until the next train comes. Plus there is a transfer at Canal Street ahead of us. I could see Ely James falling asleep on the platform. I knew the minute he sat down I would have a bitch of a time getting him up. I kept myself occupied with his zombie killing cell phone game:


Then, in front of a crowded train of people, when I shook Ely James to tell him that our stop was next, he yelled, "Just shut up and play!" Tough, I tell you.

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