Sunday, November 20, 2011

self inflicted pressure

So, I took a week off. What of it?

I just started coat check and it's taking it's toll. My Saturday is now over 20 hours long. On my feet. Forgive me. Please.

It comes down to having so little time to be inspired. How do bloggers do it? Work full time and write shit. Although, I do get disappointed with bloggers that just post a picture and say tadaa! Like all those many tumblrs out there. I'm not impressed with you trolling someone else's tumblr and them re-posting. Ok?

Wow. Who's got cranky pants?

Well, while at work yesterday, I discovered Bruce Davidson. I can't really recall what I was googling. Oh, something about Brooklyn kids and fashion (stay tuned for next post).

Came across this and thought the dude on the right could totally be Ely James:

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