Tuesday, April 24, 2012

boo hoo

(this story is not about the van above but it is about a van)

In reading my local neighborhood blog, DitmasParkCorner, I read about this band that got their van stolen with all their gear in it.

Who leaves a van with over $15000 worth of stuff in it on the street? How is that safe even in your driveway in Safetown, USA? This is fucking New York City. My true, honest and first reaction. Idiots.

Being the dork I am, I had to see who this dumb band was. The DPC led me to their website. Which led me to their facebook. Which led me to their twits. Of course, many updates about their sad loss. All of their "friends" telling them how much that sucks. No one called them out on being complete numb nuts.

On their twitter page there was a link for their "video premiere."

Um ok. I like it.

This was a publicity stunt. Just like this Kim and Kanye shit. I'm convinced. I bet the traffic to all their sites have tripled. Now, I have perpetuated the bullshit that it could be. Or not. Maybe their van really was stolen. After all this hoopla they announced that they will be playing the GoogaMooga...you decide.

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