Wednesday, April 4, 2012

was it slow for you?

Above is the tree I see on my walk home from the G train after dark. Whenever I see it, I cannot stop staring at it. I wish it were outside my window. There is something romantic about certain street lighting. This is the ultimate.

In other news, the facebook told me that this happened 1 year ago today. Then when I got to work, I was told that two of my boss lady's stores opened on this day. Seven and five years ago. Hmmm. Weird.

Not much has happened in that year with the officialness of Adarae. I have to file taxes again. I do hope that in the next year, more will come of it-so I can feel some sense of accomplishment. Of my own. Not of my boss lady.

Should I celebrate tonight? Nah. It will just be Ely James, Sweet Baby, #2 and me on the couch watching Sons of Anarchy. That's all I really need!

The shop was sort of updated a few days ago...

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