Monday, April 4, 2011

is adarae official?

It really didn't take long at all but it was not simple. Woke up early. Took the train to Dekalb. Walked through the Fulton Street Mall-past a lot of construction. Normally being white, almost six feet tall, and wearing all black doesn't stick out that much. Found the big building on Adams Street. Security check. Took off studded belt. Beep! Took off jacket. Revealed the Hooters tank top that I had slept in. Put on belt. Followed the signs to room 189. Walked into a room that was an open layout of cubicles and a row of windows numbered 1-12. After walking back and forth for a minute, realized that information was at window #1, all the way in the back of the room. Woman helping another woman asked, "What do you need, honey?" I would like to start a sole proprietorship. "Window 2." Woman at window 2# on the phone-not so nice. "What do you want?" I would like to start a sole proprietorship. "How many owners?" "Do you have the paperwork?" Yes. It's not notarized. "Notary is across the street. 26 Court Street." But we're on Adams Street. Blank stare. Go outside. Walk around the building, where I assumed and sort of knew Court Street had to be. Locate 26. Go in and looked around. There was a newsstand, elevators and a man with 26 Court Street on his jacket. I said to him, I was told I can get something notarized here. "Right there at the newsstand." Really? That's amazing-as I turn around to examine this newsstand, "You're welcome." Oh yes, thank you security guard that must answer this question to confused people all day long. Waited for the newsstand man to finish notarizing papers for the woman in front of me and then handed him my paperwork. He asked for my ID. I signed and then he signed and stamped. I gave him $6 and I'm back out on the street. Security check. Different security guard. Took off belt. Beep! Took off jacket. Revealed Hooters tank top. "What electronics do you have?" Excuse me? "There are two pieces of electronics in your purse. What are they?" Oh, an ipod and my phone. "That's it?" Uh, that's two. Put on belt. Back to window #2. Write, write. Stamp. "That's $120. Go to the cashier." Is one of those copies mine? "After it's certified. Go to the cashier." What the hell does that mean? Totally feel like a cow. Nothing is explained and I am just following blindly. The cashier box has 3 women inside, obviously working, but not paying any attention to the 3 people in line. Have one of those awkward line conversations with an overly chatty Hasidic Jewish man. He was comparing the process to trying to come to this country. He makes a crack about lawyers and then says, "I hope you're not a lawyer!" Thank you for not judging me by my Hooters tank top Hasidic Jewish man. Although, the tank top was probably why he was talking to me at all and yes, I just judged you Hasidic Jewish man. Pay $120 cash. The woman hands me back my forms and says, "Window 6." I get in another line. For what, I don't know. When she says, "Next," I hand her my forms and I watch her look at them, stamp them, and then puts one in a box. Puts a sticker on two of them. Stamps them with the date and hands them back to me. Is that is? Do I have a business? I really don't fucking know. All this before ely james even woke up!

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