Monday, May 6, 2013

more zombies

My love has been at this music thing for quite some time but says he is tired of being thought of as the dumb drummer. I don't know that he is actually thought of in this way, he just thinks that people do. I believe that people just think he's short a few marbles. All drummers are, right? I've always said that it's unnatural to be able to do that many things all at once.

It really comes down to a society being raised with Animal, the drummer, on our screens and in our hearts. He's crazy and not too bright but, a damn great drummer!

I think it's hard for people to realize that Ely James has the ability to do more than just hit things with sticks. It's hard for even him to realize it.

He needs to realize it. For reals. Cause this... awesome!!

After this song came out, I googled 'Zombie Elevator.' Apparently, there are some Brazilians that are famous for pranking people in the elevator with zombies!

A whole other kind of awesome. It's even better with the ghost girl in the elevator.

Ahhhhhh!! Indeed.

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