Monday, May 13, 2013

off season

I love to shop off season. Which is never relevant to showcase. Unless there are a lot of Australians reading this. Then my off season is your on season.

Anyways. I found and bought these today.

They were mega on sale, as things are in the off season. Why buy boots that are going to sit in a closet for months? I'm nuts. That's why. Plus, Ely James gave me 'permission.' I never feel guilty about spending my money. I earned it but when Ely James looked over my shoulder and said, "Those are hot. You should get those." Then click! They were bought.

While planning this post, I found out this:

They're 'junk' apparently. Hmm. Too late now. 

My second choice were these:

There's still time. The off season does not end tomorrow!

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