Wednesday, May 1, 2013

am i crazy....

or would this look really amazing painted some ridiculous color?

$50 on craigslist. Too bad it's in some weird part of PA that is 2 hours away by car.

But seriously. What color?

I've always dreamed of having a vanity. Odd, I know, since I barely look in a mirror. Maybe because I was raised by a woman who taught me to only wear roses on my cheeks and a little mascara, I am fascinated by the process of grooming. Or maybe it's because when a woman chooses to groom, there are so many little bits and bottles to the process that she would really fucking love a beautiful piece of furniture that she can sit at and have it all at her fingertips. She being me. Of course.

My Aunt Rachie has one kinda like this in her basement:

How about a crazy color painted vanity? Ok.

Or more modern.

Le sigh.

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