Thursday, August 4, 2011

dapper don man

It's weird how things seem so connected sometimes. My presentation of such thoughts may not seem so but, in my head, it works!

I have mentioned before about ely james and his attention to detail. Only because of his keen eye for the little things, while having a Mad Men marathon this past week, did I notice these:

A collar bar. Tie bars and tacks I knew about but these...awesome!

Oh Pierce. His picture leads you to a blog that is all about the fashions of James Bond. For reals.

The allstate mayhem man! In almost every ad he is wearing one. Fantastic, right? To be so well dressed while causing such chaos. Just click on him to get to the allstate's youtube channel. It really is a great ad campaign and with watching so much Mad Men I can really appreciate them all the more.

The above came from an amazing company, Gentry, that seems to be California based and are not sold on the east coast. Well, in stores anyway. They sell tie sets with names from literature. Like the Caulfield. The Santiago. They are stunning. But pricey. $245. Which does get you a lot actually, now that I think about it. A tie, collar clip, tie tack, tie bar and a pocket square. They even have a handbook on their front page. An American Gentry. It has wonderful little 'how to' diagrams for ties and pocket squares. Love.

What really led me to all this was my etsy page. There is a notification that lets you know when someone likes your store or just a specific item. Not many people look at my page (or read this for that matter) but one man did and he likes my found blouses. So, I took a gander at his shop:

One stop goodness for the dudes' details. Likes right back at you Cuff and Collar! (And of course, his facebok page has a link about Mad Men styles also. Small world it is indeed.)

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