Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wood pecker

I know. I was supposed to get a bike this summer:( This happens every year. I say, "This summer, I will get one, dammit." Then the days just pass on by.

I found out about a man, from a LES side blog, who sells bikes at the Hester Street Fair. I have been meaning to check out. I swear. He posts a lot of his bikes on craiglist. Just put his phone number, 917-238-8031, in the search for sale section. Voila! Great vintage bikes for under $300!

I like this one:

It's orange. Enough said. I think this one is too tall though. I am 5' 10" and according to the chart this bike should fit me. But, ely james' bike is 20 inches and it feels way too tall for me. His seat is up super high in that fixed gear fashion. I don't get it.

If I were to get this one, I would totally change the handle bars. I've always wanted bullhorns. Like this:

Her milk crate basket is pretty neat too. I don't like that she is not wearing a helmet. No one is that cool. Ok? The same Chicago bike blog had this lady:

Another creative solution. She says she is wearing this one. I have to agree with her philosophy that a riding helmet is probably safer.

Now in the adarae dream section...about a year ago I discovered this bike:

 Beautiful. I wish I had written down how I came to find it. I didn't know that I would have a blog of my own where it is appropriate to cite everything so that you don't step on some other blogger's toes. It's really annoying actually. I have all of these folders now. Tons of them.

What I loved the most about the bike above was the story of Rob, the man who makes them.

Then while reading one of my monthly blogs Cool Hunting, I saw this:

An actual wooden bike. Crazy. Wouldn't last in NYC. ely james wrecked his Japanese racing frame just by jumping a curb in the Wall Street area. I don't know what he was thinking. Those old curbs are huge. Well, I guess he was thinking, "this frame is made of steel."  Now he rides this Frankenstein (literally put together with spare parts by one of his cyclist friends):

Who knows. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend. The summer may be almost over but there is plenty of riding time left.

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