Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i am a jealous bitch

Just look at that place. How does one even find an apartment like that? It's in Australia. Which, I have mentioned before I have a love for (even though I have never been). I think I decided that my mother had a crush on Bryan Brown since we had A Town Like Alice and The Thorn Birds on heavy rotation. Or maybe she just liked a good cry cause those are both some serious tearjerkers.

Back to my dream home. Thank you The Selby for sharing and therefore making me hate the tiny disorganized space that I live in now.

Does that wall mounted tiger look photoshopped? I think maybe it is. Why would you do that? I love the idea of it though. So much so, that I found this: 

That's right. An inflatable tiger head.

"This is so life-like, you’ll think that you need to feed it raw meat 3 times a day. Not to mention, it’s also life-sized. That’s right, this big kitty will make any room in the house look like Ernest Hemingway’s hunting cabin." -BaronBob.com

Or, the cheaper option, a tiger head mask:

Which reminds me of:

The movie where I first saw dysfunctional as awesome. Outside of my own family, of course.

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