Sunday, September 18, 2011

blinging memory

A dude came in to the store, where I now work, because he was told that he could purchase a gold chain. You see, he bought his girlfriend one of these:

An 18k USB drive. According to these suckers have "become the hallmark of style and quality in USB drives. Prized for its beautiful design and incredibly small size, the Pico-C is also water resistant and fast, supporting up to 200X (30MB/sec) data transfer speeds." It's also 119 bucks.

But back to the dude. He wanted a chain. Well, another chain. He had already gone to Crap Charm and bought some flimsy 24" chain and he said, that on his walk home, he decided that wasn't good enough. So, he came to us. When he found out a 14k chain would cost him $160 he started to change his mind. Why not just buy one of our necklaces that comes on a chain? Cause that would cost you $300, dude.

Then he saw that we had this for sale:

He freaked out. He told this disgustingly sweet story about how he has known his girlfriend for a long time and never had the guts to ask her out. Now, that they are finally together, he calls her his unicorn. He also said that he had never told anyone, but her, the unicorn story. Apologies that I am now putting it out there without permission.

When asked about the significance of the USB drive, he said that she loves music. So, he bought her tickets to see 6 bands. He then bought the latest album for each band and that is what he is putting on the drive. Good job dude. Awesome gifting.

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