Tuesday, September 13, 2011

apply these

Ok. So. Earthquakes, hurricanes, new jobs, and terror threats aside. This is what every kitchen needs:

Pink may not be your thing...there is also yellow. White. Black. Red. Plus, if you live in Japan, you could get my favorite-orange! I happen to not live in Japan. Or do I even need a toaster. Or a coffee maker. Or a kettle. I have a nice mish-mash of appliances, thank you.

One thing that recently broke, that I cannot replace, is my orange half pint microwave. I am truly heart broken over the loss. Just in case you don't know what I am talking about:

Why, oh why, did Sharp stop making these little wonders? When a google search is done, a black one can be purchased. For $160. Ridiculous? Yes. But only because it is kinda butt in black. If it were the orange, I would totally fork over that kind of money for a replacement.

The blue is a color I could live with. My fiesta is blue. My toaster is blue. This color is only $76 and available here. But what the hell is Goods4Salz?! Would you buy something online from a company that can't spell? I am not risking it. I would totally accept as a gift...just sayin'.

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