Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is about the wine. Not the whiskey. That's for another day. This day, or every Wednesday, I am back in Williamsburg. At the same store that I worked at for over two years. Now it is a different store. But it is not the store that I wanted it to be. It is not mine. Do not get me wrong. It is an amazing store. I enjoy my job and am tickled pint to have it but I get a little sad. Every Wednesday.

The window washer came in today. An amazing man that brings a smile to my face every time he comes. He was so glad to see me there. Again. In the same space. But different. He asked me if I believed in luck. I told him that it depends. On the situation. He said that he always believed that he made his own luck. Until recently. He was so happy that I recommended him to the new operator of the store. He has a job. I have a job. We are lucky.

I don't feel very lucky. Just on Wednesdays. Or as ely james calls it, Winesdays because every Wednesday I get wine. A whole big box o' wine.

Honestly, I'm just letting the world know that this exists. I know I know. Boxed wine has always been looked down upon. I don't give a shit. This stuff is cheap and pretty decent. $20 for 3L, aka 4 bottles of wine. My favorite is the malbec. Get some.

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