Sunday, September 25, 2011

fleeting time

So it seems that I don't have time. To do anything. Retail is some tough hours. I leave the house at 10:30am, most days, and return by 9:30pm. By the time I relax, eat and go over the day with ely james it is past midnight.

I refuse to wake up crazy early just to clean my bathroom, you know? I wake up at 8am as it is to enjoy my 8 hours of sleep and my morning routine. Then when my day off comes, I'm too tired to do chores. ely james has been getting better at helping. Thank goodness.

I'm complaining. Poo. It might be time to get a watch. To help. A watch would help me. Really. I have been seeing a lot of these:

But I'm already over that. I'm into digital. Cause I'm lazy and need my information asap. I'm so lazy I have a box of watches. Dead watches. I would like to replace my Phillip Starck watch. Maybe with another one:

Or any one of these would do:

My point is, that I wish I could be more regular at keeping track of it all. Which is what this blog is supposed to be. For me anyway. I don't give a fuck what it is for you. If there is even a you. Oh shit. Did I just offend you? I hope I didn't just offend you. Man. The thought of that girl still annoys me.

Anyway, I am happy to be working-for sure. I just need to find time to work on my endeavors. That being said. Sundays seem to be my day. For getting my thoughts and inspirations down since I am busy during the week with boring life stuff.

The time I enjoy the most during the week and off:

Which reminds me. It is time to go O. U. T.

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