Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i've never lost a tooth opening a beer bottle

We had wine glasses, at some point. We had bought them at a Goodwill in fancy town Connecticut for $2. Real crystal. Those yuppies give away the coolest stuff. Of course, we broke them.

So, today I have been looking for wine glasses. Not that I am going to buy them! I can just go back to fancy town and find some cheapies. I'm just killing time really. Looking for some fun stuff. Like this:

Now we just have a hodge podge of glasses at Chez Adarae. We will drink out of anything. I remember when we broke our french press, we ended up pouring water into a ball jar and filtering out the grinds with panty hose. Worked pretty good, actually. Had to give in a buy a replacement glass for the press because we ran out of panty hose! Speaking of ball jars. Look at these:

I must be some redneck because I think these are amazing!

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