Thursday, February 9, 2012

a top post

It's weird to me what key words from a post someone will "google" and then stumble upon my rants. Isabel Marant. Is one. Those sneakers. Those totally amazing sneakers that I have wanted for almost a year. I wrote about them in October.

The above are on ebay as of this morning, $540 with 2 days left...hmm.

Dakota Fanning came into my store wearing them. Actually, the only reason I looked up at her face was because I was thinking to myself, "What ballin' bitch is, in my store right now, wearing my dream shoes?!" Oh. Dakota Fanning. Of course.

While perusing my Elle magazine, I saw these:

A $95 alternative? Upon further research, I then found these knockoffs:

Also $95 (update: now $89?!) but damn it...they are only made up to size 8!!! Well, here you go small feet people who have been coveting these as much as me. Lucky ducks.

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