Thursday, October 13, 2011

these ***** are made for walking

Twice a week I work in Greenpoint. Which is not a convenient neighborhood to anybody except those that live there. We have thought about moving there but ely james worries about this:

The Greenpoint oil "spill." Leak is more like it. A commentator on the Brooklyn Paper story about the settlement had this to say: "Exxon Valdez- 10 Million gallons equaled a $500 million dollar settlement as listed in this article. Greenpoint spill twice that size equals $25 million dollar settlement? I think it's fair to say that Greenpoint got screwed by AG Cuomo and Riverkeepers. Anyone who is coming to the defense of this settlement is misguided, insane or corrupt. I wonder if Exxon was a major contributer to the Cuomo for Governor campaign fund?"

Hmm. But this is not about that. It is about my walk to the train to get to Greenpoint. Twice a week.

The walk is 20+ minutes. Which is good exercise but cannot be done in heels. Sigh. Plus the kicks I have been sporting for the last 10 years are almost on their way to the trash.

I have been dreaming about these for some time now:

Isabel Marant's hidden wedge Bekket sneaker. Found them on ebay here for $850. Which is a whole other way of getting screwed because they retailed for $725. That's what happens when something is in demand and completely sold out. Sigh again.

While I had that awful job for a minute I found these and purchased them with my employee discount:

Not even close to being a sneaker but surprisingly comfortable and have survived the walk without pain! I could run in these suckers, if I had to.

When I leave the store in Soho and go to get a drink (or 10) at my girl's bar in the LES, I walk by the new Supra store. Where I have discovered a whole shitload of sneakers that would suffice and they are quite affordable:

And the ultimate:

Navy on navy on navy. Yes please.

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