Wednesday, December 21, 2011

holiday funk

No, this is not about me being in a funk because it is the holidays. It's not about me being in a funk at all. It's just about holiday traditions, I guess.

We have a collection of holiday movies over here. After Ely James' favorite holiday ended, he put away all the beloved horror movies and brought out Thanksgiving/Christmas movies. Each year he seems to pick one that he plays over and over. Last year it was Bad Santa-which is a movie that I have a hard time watching.

There's a lot of fluids in that movie. Gross.

This year the movie is Trading Places. Not a holiday movie really, but there is a dirty Santa in it:

After watching it, he was haunted. By this:

Find out why, here.

Who has been putting out their coals on my floor?!

Only here, do you go from Christmas to disco.

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