Sunday, December 11, 2011

sitting in anticipation

I am waiting...for this little one:

We will call her #2. We are just fostering. Something came over me around Thanksgiving. I think it was because I had these brownie mixes that Ely James would not let me make (because of the hydrogenated oil) and I couldn't find a shelter that would take baked goods. I mean seriously, I'm not out to poison the homeless community. It seems cold and un-holiday like to donate a boxed brownie mix. I needed to do good.

So, I decided I wanted to foster #2. Those eyes. So sad.

The drama it took to get this girl? Ridiculous. Just as they were about to pull her from the shelter for me, the day after Thanksgiving, she gets into a fight with another dog. Not really a good omen but no one knows the circumstances. I'm told that the scum that work at these shelters taunt the dogs all day and tease them about how they are going to die. Awful. Just cruel.

Sweet Baby only needed love. Look at how he turned out!

I'm sure that is all #2 needs. Room? She won't have. This place is tiny enough with three of us in it. What was I thinking? Me and my goodwill!


Anonymous said...

#2 needs a name. might i suggest anuj?

adarae said...

#2 is her alias! Anuj is pretty cool though;)