Friday, December 16, 2011

the walks

Ely James is back! Now we can return to our routine. Well, sort of. It's a little different with #2 around.

Our walks are part of our routine. On my days off, we take long ones-all around the hood. In any hood, you notice your neighbor's cars. Because of alternate side parking, here in NY, the cars move around a lot and I like to play a little game in my head. Where will the probe be? I look for the Ford Probe that has a bra. It just makes me giggle. I also look for my favorite graffiti truck.

We went out specifically to take pictures of it after I had seen this:

What is it? Why, it's a scarf:

$180 for a hand printed huge scarf/shawl/dress thing. Kinda love it. Pissed I didn't think of it first. I mean this:

looks cooler to me. But whatever. I must be biased to my own neighborhood graffiti truck. Weird part is, I used to work with the pouting model from this Salvor Projects pictured up above. Small world NYC is. I wonder if the Probe is hers.

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