Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's in the bag

I work a 5 day week. It is Tuesday-Saturday and I love it. Having Sunday and Monday off is the best! You get the one day off with the rest of the planet and then you get the other day to do things while everyone else is at work. That makes Monday market day. Or markets, since we have the Flatbush Food Co-Op (which is open to the public-none of that elitist crap that the Park Slope Co-Op deals with) and the Met. I'm into organic and all that but really, I just go for what's cheapest. Ely James, Sweet Baby and I get by on $120 of food a week. 

I consider us to be eco-conscious. We recycle. Even our toilet paper rolls, which most people forget, apparently (the new tubefree rolls are not as great as you think, according to this guy's buddy, but I love how he got his class to see if Scott's did their research correctly). So anyway, when we go to the market we bring the bag of bags. I have a baggu. But I don't love it because the pouch you stuff it into is separate and I'm surprised I have not lost it yet. I also have a couple bags that I got at Gap. They are part of the Red line. When I bought them they were originally about $10 and I got them on sale for 97 cents. I recall at the time thinking, well what good does this do for those inflicted with AIDS? It's a loss. What did that bag cost to make? What % of 97 cents go to this Red program? Distracted! These bags stuff into their own side pocket. Totally awesome but they are boring to look at.

Then I found these:

Just like my GAP bags but pretty! Continue on:

Cute! So Japan.

Then I found an eco solution for those million of little clear produce bags. Usually, we don't even use them. We just chuck everything in the dirty basket, then on the dirty conveyor belt thing to the dirty hands of the grocer, etc. To be honest-I think we always tell ourselves we are going to rinse these things but then we never do! How disgusting, you say?! Well, we're not dead yet. I'm sure if there was some horrible plague we would be the first to go-or not? Have we strengthened our immune system? I wonder. Damnit! Distracted again. Produce bags. Reusable. That are mesh, so you can just throw them in the sink and actually rinse!

Then a solution for the market list. I have heard that there are the people who make their list according to the store's layout and there are those that just throw caution to the wind. Which are we? Well, if I'm showing an eco friendly way to make the darn list, you probably can guess... the store layout. Duh.

**Did I make it without an F word?!**

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