Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Another part of my plan is vintage. I love to shop and I'm good at it. Always have been. I remember the day I found a plate at a school fund raiser that happened to have my mother's initials on it. All of her initials. LRSF. Random, right? But I found it and it was the best present ever.

Yesterday I went to Connecticut to spend the day with my mother. To shop. For my plan. I got distracted and found these...

photo by ely james

 I got home around midnight and set the pile of records on the "dining room table" for ely james to discover. I couldn't sleep in anticipation of his excitement of my discoveries. When he got home from rehearsal at 3am, he did not disappoint. He went crazy for my amazing finds. 15 albums for 60 cents!! Not pictured above: George Michael's Faith, Madonna's True Blue, Faces' A Nod's As Good As A Wink..., Rolling Stones' Tattoos, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and Tears For Fears' Songs From the Big Chair.

Only problem-his fancy pants turntable had a buzz. Today he started to take the thing a  part. It needed to be grounded. It had to be done. He had to fix it. Even though he had no idea how. After some youtube seminars he reckoned he needed a soldering iron. Now.

On to the hardware store. $11 for an iron and wire. After pita pizzas and whiskey he set to work.

And success! Now he will be up all night blasting "the worst albums KISS ever made."

Next to come: the plan. All will be revealed here as a release.

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