Thursday, March 17, 2011

give me your money

I'm just kidding. Actually, I'm not just kidding. I start bank shopping on Monday. I've been with chase my whole life but they seem like bastards. Any bank seems so. Plus I know nothing about banking, investing or taking out a loan. I can't trust them to give me any reliable information. Do I stay small or go big? Who will be the most supportive? Is that a stupid question to ask?

why now is the link crashing my internet explorer? i guess, try at your own risk.

How cute are those piggies? They came with the inc. article but hey, a blog without visuals is drab.

Anyway, the point is-I added a paypal donate button. Just in case. There might be someone out there that has a little extra to give and wants to help. I know there are much more important organizations that need donations (just click on the logo): 

Save the Children are based in my hometown. I used to love shopping in their gift shop. Maybe next time I am home, I will again.

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