Saturday, March 26, 2011

wait. what?

If this kid wasn't a red head-it could be the spawn of ely james. Crazy! Click on the picture to read about the Williamsburg invasion.

I also found this today. I'm a little torn on the anger of this debate about babies in bars. I feel that as generations are getting older, they seem less willing to alter their lives for a baby-where that used to be the norm.

ely james and I ran into a dude he used to play music with, who now has a one year old. We were at a restaurant/bar. If he had had his baby on him then the tie-in would have been perfect. Alas, not everything works out perfectly in story telling.

He did say he had a hard time realizing 'it' wasn't all about him any more. 'It' being everything...that the baby takes precedence over his diva musician ways.

Now, 'it' is all about his baby. Every picture he takes, is of her. She is an acceptable form of narcissism. Look at the amazing thing that HE created. So really, 'it' is still all about him. That's ok. None of this really matters to me. Until he's at the bar with his baby, that is. Then I might be annoyed. But only if it's after 5pm. Otherwise, I obviously don't give a shit.

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