Friday, March 25, 2011

free credit report dot com

ely james once asked if the 'drummer' in these commercials is a real drummer. He's using a traditional grip. To those in the drumming world, this grip means his education is bigger than just picking up some sticks and hitting things. He could just be an actor with a coach, right? So, I started to wonder. Who the heck are these guys?

nice belt buckle-dude on the left.
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how annoying 'free' trials are

 There is plenty of information about the commercials. About how the service is bogus, it isn't free, the band is fake, and they were fired. There was even plenty about the guy in front. A typical way to write about a band, these days, is to ignore that it is actually a band of people. Oh well, can't change how the world sees that one. I had to dig a little to find anything about the other two guys. This blog post led me to this:

The drummer! Mario Telaro. I don't think ely james will like this but I think he will appreciate that I tracked the drummer down.

The real reason I got on this kick is because I had to get my credit report to the co-op board. I was told to just save as a pdf. I thought, if I'm being asked to do this, then it must be something that is done. I can figure out anything! It is something people do-mac people. So after wasting one of my 3 free credit reports in a year I used my boss lady's monster mac and sent off the pdf.

Can you send your score too? Ahh. I had just shut everything down! How do I do this? I only have 1 free report left and I'm gonna need it for something. So, I signed up for one of those free trial things. Got all 3 scores and sent those off. Now, it is a day later and I want to cancel. I will be on the phone for the next half hour or I will be charged $15 a month for the rest of my life. Damn you, fine print!

Lessons to be learned: You can only save as a pdf on a mac without spending a lot of money on software for your PC; you only get 3 free credit reports in a 12 month period; a free credit report does not come with your score; make sure you read the fine print in any contract-especially if you are doing a free credit report dot com commercial in Canada; free trials are a pain in the ass.  

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