Friday, April 1, 2011


It's Friday? That's amazing. It is almost the weekend! Sadly, this does not matter in the world of adarae. There is no such thing as weekend here. If I had a weekend to spare, I would want to go here (not this weekend though. The weather kinda sucks right now):

photo by Tom White for the New York Times
It's Beacon, New York. My dream, of when my NYC adventures come to an end, would be to move to a town like this. Here are a couple pieces I found about the place.

Hopefully, the adarae empire would move with me. A place close to the city but far enough away to slow down. Now I just need to get the adarae empire going.

My 'lawyer' flaked on me about five times. Yes, he is an actual lawyer so, I totally understand the man is busy. Still, I am annoyed. If I had known that he would never really come through, I would have figured it out myself and long ago.

I'm just trying to get the sole proprietorship going. It is not that complicated. To be honest, I was probably being a little lazy. So today, I spent a massive amount of time trying to figure out how to fill out NY's assumed name certificate. It seems based on ancient language that doesn't make much sense anymore. This guy totally helped me out. Love online forums! No, actually I don't. They are usually very difficult to navigate and full of dumb people.

Everything is printed out and ready to get notarized. On Monday, I must find time to go to the county clerk's office, which is right across the street from the Marriott that ely jame's parents stayed at when they were in town! Always good to know where you're going. The part that I will find harrowing is the navigation of the building itself. Just do not be afraid to ask!

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