Saturday, April 9, 2011

free man

My identity will be half out of the bag after this post.

I have been researching American made things recently. So I thought I would put up an American picture to, you know, create a theme. I googled "American pride" and this muzzle came up near the top. Weird. That people who train their dogs to be aggressive have more American pride than those of us who don't? Whatever. Don't want to get all politickin'.

Back to American made things...even though I have yet to hear from the co-op board, I still spend most of my days dreaming about what our little home store would carry. A blog, I continuously read, has a list! A super awesome list. Geared mostly towards men stuff but hey, that's ok. I like men's stuff. Almost more than I like women's stuff.

I came across this on the list:

My surname is Freeman. That being said, I heart this brand! They make bikes. In Montana. Amazing.

ely james is, on occasion, an avid cyclist. We have been discussing, for years, that I need a bike. I'm annoyingly particular about the whole thing. I don't ever want to look like this:

Or like any of these. I want to look more like this (minus the rainbow thing going on):

The blog that the photo above came from, turned out to be an interesting find. I know ely james will like it. (click on the word 'it' ej!) Back to me. Freeman. I've decided, that if we make it big, we'll get me this:

Because up close, it has this:

A personalized bike just for me!!

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