Sunday, April 3, 2011

i'm not the only one

I have a pretty good ear. ely james is always telling me so. A talent that I enjoy having is being able to figure out what something sounds like. Example: I may be watching a movie and hear something that will make me say, "This movie's soundtrack was composed by Silvestri." I'll then look up whatever dumb dumb 80s flick I was watching and it will indeed have been composed by Silvestri! He's the easiest because of Back to the Future. Who has not seen that movie a million times?

While at work yesterday, the store ipod came across this:

I then had a strange urge to listen to the Black Keys. So, I turned on my laptop and I played the fabulous Brothers album and thought nothing of it. Until today. I put the store ipod back on and it was on the same T. Rex song. Again, I wanted to listen to the Black Keys. My clever ear had figured out, all on it's own, that the above song sounds a lot like this one:

Then I found a fan site that went on and on about it. I find fans freaky. Anyway, one of them also pointed out that this song:

Sounds a lot like this one:

Nothing is new anymore anyway. It doesn't make me think any less of the Black Keys. They have damn good taste!

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