Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's national

grilled cheese from Black Iron Burger Shop

That's right. Grilled Cheese month. I got an email from my step mother informing me it is so. If anyone really knows adarae, they know cheese and bread are her life supply.

The frustrating thing is that a good one is really hard to find. Or ridiculously expensive. I'm not spending $12 on bread and cheese. I don't give a rat's ass about what hog sniffed the damn truffle out of where .

So I thought I'd share my top 3 spots to get 'em.

*Black Iron Burger Shop- E 5th Street between A and B, NYC

ely james and I spent an entire winter in there. Sometimes twice a week. He was unemployed, depressed and we started a relationship with the bartender. He was great and knew how to get his customers to come back. Just charge them for 2 beers no matter how many they drank!! Awesome it was.

grilled spinach thing from Circle Diner

* Circle Diner- Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Everytime I am in the hometown area, I go. Never had this spinach number pictured above, but I may have to next time! Their fries are also super amazing. Thank you ronald s., whoever you are, for bringing this to my attention via yelp.

* Home- Brooklyn, NY

Duh. I make em good. Except the other night. ely james played at the Cameo Gallery in Willyburg.

He was on fire! When he was done, we were standing at the bar having our farewell beer and I was overwhelmed with hunger.

No wonder, when you are completely surrounded with plates of these:

Everyone in the place had a plate of greasy, crispy looking tater tots. Then, I turned around and this man (wearing a suit actually-wanted to point that out cause it was weird but, then I thought he must be from one of the new waterfront fancy schmancy buildings), had the most mouth watering looking grilled cheese. 

Just look at this menu. Yum. Since ely james and I were slumming it-we decided to make food at home. I wanted a grilled cheese and I wanted one bad. Then I opened the fridge to find rye bread. WTF. Eww. I hate rye bread. I actually just hate the stupid seeds they throw in there. What are they? Caraway or something awful.

So, on that night, I made one of the most unsatisfying grilled cheeses of my life. The end.

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