Tuesday, October 25, 2011

carbon, math and logic

A wise man once said that there are three things you can count on: carbon, math and logic.

After Pappaw's 80th birthday party, the real reason for our trip to the mid, there was a bonfire. Tales were told, smores were made, hot dogs were eaten. It was grand.

Then there was a science experiment. It was said that if you took a copper pipe, stuck it inside a piece of garden hose and threw it into the fire then magic would happen.
Wise man said, "Oh, I have some of that." He disappeared and came back with the
makings for magic.

I was gonna be a big dork and research how and what makes this work but I'm really lazy so I found this very thorough post about it instead.

A hillbilly 4th of July! Except it's October.

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Brenda Bell said...

Very interesting blog, can't wait for the next post. A wise woman once said,"If ain't broke don't fix it!"