Sunday, October 9, 2011


Everytime I hear someone say, "congratulations," I think of the Traveling Wilburys song.

It's a sarcastic use of the word in this song, obvi.

Congratulations are in order because today is ely james' last day of community service!! Word to the people who have a natural ability for doing stupid things and getting caught: do not walk through the Coney Island station, on your way to see Cheap Trick with a beer wrapped in a handkerchief, when there is a warrant out for your arrest because you never finished community service after being caught writing "turd" on the wall of an MTA subway station wall.


So today, after he is done mowing the lawn of Prospect Park, we will have a picnic. It will look something like this:

The best thing to have for a picnic is:

"You’ll always have a friend with the Burton Lil Buddy. Just load ‘er up, crank up the stereo with removable speakers, and hit the street with a grip of your favorite ice cold beverages. The standard size 3.5mm headphone jack means it plays everything from your uncle’s old 8-track to your fancy new iPod®. Whether lurking at the beach, behind the corner store, or the resort parking lot, your Lil Buddy will always be full of good times and bright ideas. With room for a 12-pack plus ice, and accessory pockets for all necessary necessities, disturbing the peace has never been cooler."

It's a cooler. That plays music. Which you will need to house the cold sparkling red that is Labrusca. Plus the crispy fall apples. The creamy brie. The crunchy bread. Yum.

Next time we have a celebration it better be for something less criminally inclined. Hey, at least it's never dull with ely james around!

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