Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sweating it out

The weird thing about hot and humid weather is being stubborn. I want to wear fall damn it. So, I wear the sweaters, the boots, the scarves and I sweat. A lot. My only escape is the freezing cold subway.

Now, I think that time has past and fall is here! With a lot of weird rain. Then sun. Then rain. What is up with that? It is like that scene in Back to the Future II when Doc gets out of the time machine and Marty remarks that it's pouring and Doc looks at his watch, it beeps and the rain stops and the sun comes out. Far out! "Too bad the Post Office isn't as efficient as the weather service."

Back to fall. And sweat:

Just a little bit of what I'm feeling these days. Some remind me a little of this:

Oh Holly. Which lead me to finding this:

Then to this:


And amazingly this:

What any of that has to do with fall and sweating? Nothing. What of it?

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