Friday, October 21, 2011

ease on down the road

After work last week, I went uptown to pick up the rental car. Something told me to get insurance. I never have before but overnight drives are not a good idea. Seriously. I then drove to Brooklyn and picked up Ely James and Sweet Baby. It's true what they say about NYC. Once you are here, you never want to leave. But really, it's because it's ridiculously hard just to physically get the fuck out of town.

When we were more than half way through that good awful state of PA Ely James said, "They should have split this into more than one state. That way you would feel some progress." I'm surprised we made it. It took 3 tanks of gas and we were only side swiped once (thank goodness I had that premonition to get insurance).

First order of business:

"Local legends aren’t just born, they’re brewed. And no beer in the Midwest has a grander brewing tradition than Grain Belt. For over 100 years, Grain Belt has been the beer that fathers have passed on to sons and friends have passed amongst each other at local bars and watering holes. It is a beer with tradition that spans generations. Which is why it has become legendary–both here and across the country."

Ely James' family brings this beer back to Indy from Wisconsin by the multiple case full. Ordering beer online just seems silly but it can be done here.

Second order of business:

Ultimate margaritas. We decided against the 22oz and got the 16. Yum.

Third order of business:

Drunk thrifting! The canisters, in the first photo, I happen to already have in my kitchen. Orange, of course. Ely James really loved that old record player. Alas, $500 we do not have. However, we did walk away with a ceramic spitoon, a floor to ceiling lamp, a sparkling bracelet, and a glass bottle from my hometown. Imagine that. Going all the way to Indiana to find a vintage glass bottle from a small town in Connecticut.

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